The Description

Carnival chalice is hard-pressed glass that has undergone an iridized care to its face. Newly settled hot pressed solid is revealed to sprays, exhaust fumes and vapors from heated up sharp oxide. This procedure results in a pretty bright layer forming on the cup. It is normally represented as looking equal to the arc racing colours that appear on a cleaner bubble. Photographs of fete glass do not show this sorcerous event.

What's With the Name

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The occupancy was coined because this field of solid was oftentimes awarded to winners of games-of-chance at carnivals.

Poor-man's Tiffany Glass

It was sometimes referred to as poor-man's Tiffany glass because Tiffany & Co. create an big-ticket mitt blown iridized glass that looked similar to the shyly price machine-made fete solid. This uniformity to Tiffany's solid ready-made carnival chalice widely favorite from the beginning of its introduction.

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Unfortunately, fete glass' popularity led to Tiffany glass active out of favor near its easy buyers. Once an threepenny double was unclaimed to all, Tiffany chalice became smaller amount lucky to those who could drop it.

The History

Manufacture of festival glass began in the United States on all sides 1908 to 1918. In the 1920s and 1930s it was produced in Australia, Europe and South America. Production stopped in the 1930s; tremendously little, if any, was noted to be make in the 1940s or 1950s.

The Makers

Fenton, Northwood, Imperial Glass, Westmoreland and Dugan are retributory a few companies that factory-made fete chalice. Northwood Glass Company streaked their hard work beside a circle about a superior N. Most some other manufacturers did not mark their stuff.

Dazzling Colours

This chalice was made in a assortment of glowing colours. Marigold (orange) is the peak established tint and pastel colors plus greenish blue are the furthermost occasional.

Popular Patterns

Some grassroots patterns are Poppy Show/Rose Show, Peacock on the Fence, Peacock at the Fountain, Grape and Cable, Good Luck, Acorn and Burrs and Dragon and Lotus.

A Resurgence

Demand for festival solid resurged in the 1950s and companies began to sort it once more for the mortal marketplace. Other designs were resurrected and new designs were introduced.

Identifying Reproductions

Anything make after the 1950s is reasoned a imitation. Some manufacturers have characteristic marks to place the age. Some reproductions are ready-made from first molds from the pre-1930s so it can be teflon characteristic old from reproductions.

What's it Worth

Condition and color leap a enlarged part in decisive efficacy. Chips, cracks, solid marks, repairs soften the convenience. If an portion is a dying out color like aqua it is of more advantage than an part in flower that is prolific. Look for it in antique shops, fairs, ectozoon markets. eBay is a best resource to establish terms. Pricescan scale for a few dollars to so much much.

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